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NEST AK Interiors


Hello and welcome to my world.  NEST AK Interiors is my boutique Alaskan design firm focused on beautiful living. Heavily influenced by the natural beauty of Southeast Alaska and my love of all things home, I opened NEST to connect clients with their ultimate dwelling.  
Beginning as an outlet for creativity it has quickly become a professional passion. A way to help others create their dream homes by evolving timeless, beautiful spaces that capture individual personality and style. My greatest joy comes from creating spaces that feel inviting. Whether it be for home, commercial or crossover work-from-home purposes, I strive to take into account lifestyle, needs and individual style to create a space that is truly reflective of a enhanced life well lived.   ​
Southeast Alaska is home to some of the most stunning and unique landscapes in the world. However, living here is exclusive for a reason. Because of its remoteness, climate conditions, and sourcing limitations, life in Southeast can create challenges. I place a high value on problem solving, communication and collaboration.  Working with, rather than against our uniqueness is essential. From sourcing near and far, currently part of your life or something we create, my mission is to ensure each space is unique and reflective of the person living in it. As your designer I can be essential in helping make informed decisions about how to best allocate a budget with the knowledge of sourcing at any price point.   
For many the design process can be incredibly overwhelming and daunting - but it lights me up!  I'm eager to brainstorm with you whether you're looking for a completely new space or just want a fresh update. 
Here’s to beautiful living!  XoXo~Holly


Ciao Bella
Joshua Tree Excapes
First Homebuild 2016
Driven by the light
SoHo Farmhouse Connections
Winter Magic
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